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If you have any queries regarding shopping with circlembrand.com or circlem.co.nz, please email terry@circlembrand.com or phone on 07 873 1770.

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High Visibility (Hi-Vis and Safety Garments Information)

1) Circle M Work Wear ‘Hi-Vis’ garments are designed to provide increased visibility of wearer during daylight hours, ‘Safety’ garments are designed to provide increased visibility of wearer during day and night hours. However they will not eliminate the risk of injury or offer protection beyond your ability to operate safe policy practice in the workplace.

2) Only the garments specified as AS/NZS 4602:1999 compliant, comply with the standard. Compliance with the standard will depend on the size and style of a peculiar garment ref: AS/NZS 4602:1999 Vest Compliance Chart (p. WP4).

3) Garments that are AS/NZS 4602:1999 compliant are one of the three classes:

    i)    Class D     - Suitable for day use only. Do not use this class of garment at night.            

    ii)   Class N     - Suitable for night use only. Do not use this class of garment during daylight hours.\r\n

    iii)  Class D/N - Suitable for day or night use. This garment can be used day and night.

4) If at your request one of our ‘Hi-Vis’ or ‘Safety’ garments that complies to the AS/NZS 4602:1999 standard, is modified in any way that differs from the standard design (such as embroidery, screen printing, etc.). The modified garments may no longer comply with the AS/NZS 1602:1999 standard. It is your responsibility to ensure that any customisations made to these garments meets your safety needs. Circle M Work Wear in no way will accept liability for any garment changed from our original design, including changes made by Circle M Work Wear at your request.

IMPORTANT: Please read the sew-in label and follow the instructions. It is important that users of ‘Hi-Vis’ and ‘Safety’ garments keep their garments clean, check for damage and fading. Garments that are excessively dirty or faded provided poor visibly, Do Not Wear damaged excessively dirty or faded garments.


If you wish to return your goods, you must do so within 14 working days and the goods must be in the condition it was delivered in, then you will recieve a full refund minus postage. If a size or colour is wrong, Circle M will happily exchange the garment for only the additional cost of size change where applicable, plus postal charges.

Policy Changes

Any changes to this policy will be posted here.